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At Thumbs Up Compliance, you will always be welcomed with sunshine and you will know it!  Co-owners Jenny Reavis and Amanda Reese, understand that every employer depends on Thumbs Up Compliance to treat their applicants with dignity and respect, regardless of the outcome.

With honesty and integrity, professionally trained staff will use advanced technologies and education to provide confidential, cost effective, secured, high-quality physicals, as well as drug and alcohol screenings.

The business which opened January 2013, is completely electronic, from the appointment system, to reports.  Businesses can make appointments online, choosing available appointment times straight from their desktop.  All reporting is electronic; all forms, signatures and exam results are entered into an iPad, processed using sophisticated drug-testing software, and results are immediately transmitted to the employer.  The same electronic system is used for Department of Transportation physicals.  With digital processing, the software will not allow the omission of essential data and errors are minimized.

All of the staff members at Thumbs Up Compliance are licensed medical professionals with a combined 65 years of experience in medical services.  "We take great pride in putting everyone we meet at ease." says Amanda.  "We are skilled, accurate, ethical and professional." adds Jenny.

Accurate and timely reporting is where the bar is set for this dynamic duo , who always strives to exceed that expectation at every opportunity.  "We proactively identify customer needs and meet those needs frequently before we are asked to do so."  Department of Transportation standards, drug-testing guidelines and regulations change frequently.

Thumbs Up Compliance staff members are certified by the DOT and maintain constant compliance as regulatory requirements are updated.

Amanda and Jenny have surprised a lot of employers in this community.  With a sincere desire to help businesses get what they need, the way they need it, when they need it and with a smile, is the reputation these two have earned and will continue to maintain.  Employers often say, "You knew what I needed before I did!" That kind of confidence is rare and Thumbs Up Compliance intends to keep it that way!  



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